The Pohaku T's Story

Pohaku T's, 3430 Poipu Rd, Koloa


Pohaku T's features the T-shirts of its owners, Koloa residents, John and Carole Patt. Inspired from his days of paddling outrigger canoe, John began to design T-shirts in the late 80's with Hawaiian navigation, and Kaua'i petroglyph themes. Soon he began printing his designs on attractive stonewashed and overdyed T-shirts, and sold them at craft fairs or wholesale.

Carole moved to Kaua'i in '94, rented a room in John's house, and said she would marry him if they stayed together ten years. Soon she was helping with craft fairs, and with new designs.

In 1999 they opened Pohaku T's, and added designs from other Kaua'i artists, plus clothing and crafts from friends on the Kaua'i craft fair circuit. Pohaku T's remains a "Made on Kaua'i" shop. Carole and John got married, and have been living happily ever after.

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